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Terms & Conditions

Our commitment to legal compliance

We take legal compliance seriously at Alkemy Coffee Co. Our Terms & Conditions are a set of legally binding terms that govern the activities of our website visitors and customers. They establish the legal relationship between our visitors and us as the website owner. Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully before using our website.

Specific terms for Alkemy Coffee Co

Our Terms & Conditions are tailored to the specific needs and nature of our website as a coffee shop. They address issues such as: our policies on shipping, returns, and refunds; our commitment to protecting your personal data; and the intellectual property and copyright of our website content.

What our Terms & Conditions include

Our Terms & Conditions address a wide range of issues to ensure that we comply with legal requirements and protect our customers. Some of these issues include: our policies on website use and accessibility; our payment methods and billing practices; our policies on shipping, returns, and refunds; our warranties and disclaimers; and our policies on account suspension or cancellation. If you have any questions or concerns about our Terms & Conditions, please contact us for assistance.

To learn more about our policies and practices, please review our full Terms & Conditions document.

Location & Hours
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